Serial entrepreneur, coding-designer, and author of six books on Design Thinking and Service Design. Tenny pioneered Service Design Sprints and founded the Design Sprint School; he lives in Silicon Valley, where he mentors startups and works on his ventures. He is a founder and was the CEO of the Latam studio of live|work, the British Service Design agency and is a columnist at the influential American Design blog Core77. His book The Service Startup (2014), introduced to the world the term Service Design Sprints.



[2019-20] Persona is a a machine learning-based App that encodes and 'servitizes' the human personality while giving users the ownership of the data. With an unique data collector and gamified atmosphere it makes it easy for people to store and control access to their personality data. The App and ML model are currently under development and beta launch is expected for Dec.2019.


The Kind

[2019] The Kind is a friend's match-making Ai and game. The loneliness epidemic keeps growing despite all the social media and Tinder-like Apps we have available. We are taking a completely different approach to match-making. This project is in stealth mode. This project was the originator of the study that led me to the Persona App. Its friends' match-making circles will become a feature for the persona App.


The Firewalk

[2019] The Firewalk is a one-week program combining Silicon Valley culture immersion with an idea-to-stage acceleration experience.
Teams are formed based on our proprietary machine-learning recommender system. Each team gets its own living space in the Valley and are assigned a fictitious startup loaded with real business scenarios. Through visits, challenges and insightful team-building experiences, they learn about the Valley culture and get hands-on with its latest product development tools and methods.


Design Sprint School

[2017] Award winning online program to teach and certify people in the art of running Design Sprints. Combining theory and practice it teaches solid foundational skills. Learn online the skills and tools you need to plan and execute your own design sprints, get certified and join our global community of Sprint Masters.



[2015] SprintMaster.co is a community of Design Sprint Masters that have been fostering change across the globe one sprint at a time. The Sprint Masters' Community has presence in many different continents and it keeps growing. I believe the future of Service Design lies in treating it as a teachable super power not a academic discipline.  



[2015] The early Stage Accelerator I've designed for CISCO. At StartupCisco projects are accelerated using Design Sprints. StartupCisco uses a custom version of the MVS, Minimum Valuable Service, the Design Sprint approach described in my book The Service Startup.



[2015] INSPRD is an app that allows you to connect to specific content you choose from social media profiles you follow. With INSPRD you don't follow people, only the relevant content from them you care about.
INSPRD is your way to connect to people and follow only the things they do that really inspires you.



[2014] Me.Mo is a listener, like a Man-In-The-Middle, that hacks through all the communication channels its allowed to and spontaneously compiles memory dumps out of peoples experiences and exchanges online. These memory dumps can then be consumed via user and SaaS interfaces.



[2014] A decentralized incubator built around service design thinking and entrepreneurship. I've designed it like a blockchain, with each node contributing to the whole and vice versa. It has a distributed repository containing content related to Service Innovation (the HoneyPot) built to be used to train the trainers when kick starting new regions.


USE.Report Global

[2013] A global study that treats consumers journeys as KPIs for measuring service performance. The USE.Report Global 2015 is based on the consumer journey and the consumer's perception of brand innovation. It aims to construct a balanced vision regarding how organizations perform in six different countries.


The School for Service Innovation (EISE)

[2012] The Service Innovation school I designed in 2011. The vision was to create a Bauhaus for Service Design. The curriculum moved beyond  Service Design to encompass arts and cognitive sciences. Eise kick started the Service Innovation ecosystem in Brazil. Today, over 70% of the people working with Service Design in Brazil is somewhat related to the school.



[2010] Founder and former CEO for Brazil and Latin America.
Livework is the first Service Design agency. Founded in London in 2001, it was the first agency to commercially introduce, and concept proof, Service Design as a viable consultancy practice. In 2009 I founded its first non-european branch in Brazil and built the business in the region from scratch.



While living in Africa for 2 years, i've designed service experiences for the public and private sectors in Luanda, Angola. Projects ranged from complete restructuring and process design for ministries to also direct to consumer service ecosystems. The last included healthcare, telecommunication and Oil & Gas services.

Full Bio:

Serial entrepreneur, UX/ Service designer, IOS Developer and Author.

Tennyson Dias Pinheiro lives in San Francisco, CA. He is a serial entrepreneur and the author of five books on Design Thinking and Service Design, including The Service Startup: Design Thinking gets Lean and Breaking Free From The Lean Startup Religion: The Service Designer Manifesto. Both covering the intersection between Service Design, Agile and entrepreneurship. Tenny is the founder of the DesignSprintSchool.com, the global community SprintMaster.co. Tenny also founded and was the CEO for the Latam branch of Livework, the global pioneer Service Design agency. He is a permanent columnist at the influential American design blog Core77. As a one-time resident of post-war Angola, for whom he designed government services, he understands the challenges of navigating cultural complexities and the need to be adaptive, adept, and agile. A cognitive science lover, Tenny is also a certified Hypnotherapist by the NGH and a Micro-expression Recognition expert according to the Paul Ekman Institute. As an unicorn, a coding designer, Tenny is currently happily engaged in building a couple of mobile-first startups. Github: https://github.com/tennydesign


I wrote this in 2012. It is a manifesto for a Service Innovation School I've created back then. I truly believe a shift from product to services, from transactions to relationships, is not only necessary, but it holds the key to the foundation of a more sustainable society.

Tenny's keynote at SDNC Japan (Service Design Network Conference) on why Service Design has to embrace Agile. More about it here.

"To work with Tenny is to ride the road of disruption. It does not matter if you are designing experiences, services or processes. You will be able to find a clear path to service innovation."

- Jolivan Lopes, Head of Innovation at Bradesco, The largest bank in the south hemisphere.